Leisurely and Lazy

I absolute adore Sundays in Old Istanbul.  The weather on this particular Sunday is almost perfect: a little bit of breeze, a little bit of sun.  Everyone is relaxed, and no one is in a rush to get anywhere.  I love the park with the benches encircling the water fountain, and I love that drops of water are sometimes lightly dusting me.  There is hardly any traffic, and when a car or van appears, it glides through the cobbled streets almost effortlessly.  I am amazed by the competing colors of green in the trees, and how they remind me of the wonder of nature.  Just looking at them fills me with fascination and relaxes my entire body.  It’s great just to sit and watch the children run in the fountain, play and laugh; everything I see is precious and beautiful.  

IMG_0381 (3)

IMG_0388 (2)


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