A Different World

I must admit that I love waking up to the sound of the call to prayer.  I love eating breakfast on the enclosed terrace looking out on the Sea of Marmara.  This city is very alive, buzzing and vibrant. Istanbul is ancient, sensual and appealing – even to me, a small town Texas/provincial Bay Area girl.  The contrasts are sometimes staggering.  I see a woman in skinny jeans, a clinging knit top, with hair flowing, then a woman covered so completely that only her eyes are visible, and also a woman in an ankle-length trench coat, with only her head covered with a scarf.   I see a man in traditional Arab garb, another in a traditional western business suit, or wearing jeans and a sweater.  The ancient, the old and the brand new.  That is the appeal of Istanbul, that the allure of Istanbul.


IMG_0233 (2)
The Sea of Marmara

IMG_0294 (2)
Three Women, One Block


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