A Little About Me

Being an artist at heart, this blog gives me an opportunity to be just a bit creative. Like many writers, I love watching the world and I love reporting my observations of the world. My world is expanding, and giving me much fertile and exciting ground from which to draw.

However, I have now spent most of my adult life as a teacher. I believe that teachers are artists at heart, and our student is the page or canvas upon which we create. That page or canvas is never blank, but always has unlimited potential which we help unlock and bring to the surface. Teaching is a passionate fire that has not grown dimmer. I was first a K-12 teacher, and most recently an English as a Second Language teacher. As a matter of fact, the name of my blog came from one of my ESL students: Daniel, who is from Barcelona, Spain. He is now back in Spain and I hope that he remembers the service he did for me, and visits this blog. Hi Daniel!

For all of my readers: Thank you. Please feel free to comment positively or negatively. All comments are welcome, as you, the reader, are welcome.

Me at my artistic best …:-)


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