A Gift

I was struck with a deep sense of gratitude tonight. As I riffled through my small collection of DVDs, I suddenly and unexpectedly felt grateful.

I am grateful that I can riffle through a case of DVDs. I have hands.

I am grateful that I can choose. And I have more than one way to choose. I can see the titles, and I have the mental clarity to freely pick one that I like.

As I type this, I am munching on an apple. I can taste the sweetness and crunchy texture of the apple. I can feel the apple juice inch out of the corner of my mouth. I can appreciate the stickiness and messiness of it.
I can feel the apple filling up my stomach; I can appreciate that it is better for an apple to fill me up than a piece of cake.

The hum of my air conditioner reminds me that I can hear. The sound is suddenly more beautiful than annoying.

I walk everyday – sometimes longer and sometimes shorter distances. But I am able to walk.

Pain, love, and joy are all gifts.

At this moment in time, my children are healthy and safe. I am immensely grateful for that. They have brought me pain that I thought I’d never feel. And joy beyond all of my expectations. That all-encompassing blanket of joy is one that I can always tap into. That pain always waits for me to look at it. For that, I am thankful.
To feel, think, taste, touch, hear, see, and enjoy life as it comes is a gift.

I am grateful for that.



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