Abu Dhabi Here I Am

I just recently got back from another Visa run in Abu Dhabi, and fell in love with the city all over again. The humidity was so high that my glasses would steam up when I walked outside, but the people there are so pleasant and the city vibe is so mellow, that I want to go for another visit. And, even though no taxi drivers propositioned me this time around, a tall, attractive Bosnian actually thought I was going to go home with him for a little one night stand! (Do people actually still do that!!!). I said goodbye to the 70s some time ago.


I recently went to Abu Dhabi on a “visa run.” I had to renew my Saudi visa before it expired, and the company sent me to Abu Dhabi for a few days to do so. It was good to get away. I slept late, and felt grateful to be able to shed the abaya and hijab.

Abu Dhabi is a beautiful city. It is on an island sitting in the Persian Gulf, and is surrounded by many smaller islands. The water is a beautiful sapphire blue, and there are parks, beaches, and lots of green. The city has a decidely Western feel to it. And, were it not for the proliferation of thobes and abayas, I could easily imagine being back in San Francisco. The weather changes from warm to an evening cool and the city is brightly lit at night – like a perpetual Christmastime. And women are driving!…

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