Such a Short Visit …

After my short visit to the Bahrain International Airport, I went to check in for my flight back to Riyadh.  And, surprise, I had been upgraded from economy, my typical flight grade, to First Class!!  I did not question the clerk about this, but smiled, said “thank you” and almost ran to the Gate. 

I walked on the plane with my first class boarding pass, and quickly found my seat very near the front of the plane.  The seat was really roomy and comfortable, and I didn’t have to fight to get my somewhat long legs settled in front of me; rather, I slipped in smoothly and easily.  The passenger in front of me immediately reclined upon boarding, and much to my amazement, his seat came nowhere near my legs or knees.  I couldn’t believe it. 

Before we took off, the flight attendant offered us a variety of newspapers and magazines.  Then, we got water and freshly squeezed orange juice.  As we taxied for take-off, we were offered hot towels, dates, and Arabic coffee.

By the way, there are no pull down trays in front of you in first class, but a pull out tray in the arm of your chair, and that tray fully covers your lap, so the chances of dropping food onto your lap are greatly reduced. 

Did I mention that this flight was only for a little over one hour?

After ascending to cruise altitude, we were served a full meal, with real flatware, plates and glasses (cute 6 oz glasses, kind of IKEA style) and raspberry cheesecake.

I don’t think that the two flight attendants ever stopped moving through the short first class cabin the entire time we were in the air.

Again, I was one of two women on the entire plane, but who cares when you’re in first class? 


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